Stylish Bejeweled Khussas Design 2017

Stylish Bejeweled Khussas Design 2017 Stylish Bejeweled Khussas Design 2017 

Stylish Bejeweled Khussas Design 2017.What is that most recent pattern, something we’re all pursuing and spending excessively much cash on? Something with a ‘k’. Some sort of customary shoes us Pakistanis wear with gems sprawled on top of it. Isn’t that something that you could do yourself? I don’t know why however that idea would constantly enter my thoughts at whatever point I would see young ladies spending $$ on a couple of khussas. Also, in the event that you have been having those wild, breaking-the-standards sort musings as well however simply don’t know where to begin,

Stylish Bejeweled Khussas Design 2017.No you needn’t bother with any unique pastes for staying stones on texture. That yellow container of goodness is all that anyone could need. It’s reasonable, effectively accessible and the best some portion of it is that it gets dry straightforward so your shoes would look perfect and wrapped up. On the off chance that there are any wrecks, you can pull on that got dry paste and it comes appropriate off.

Stylish Bejeweled Khussas Design 2017 Top Bejeweled Khussas Fashion Design 2017

Make stones come in all hues, shapes and sizes. You can without much of a stretch get them any place bands or expressions and artworks materials are sold. You can get a basin stack for under Rs. 300. Get an assortment of sizes; a couple of enormous ones for the fundamental fascination, littler ones for filling in. In the event that you need to go for blue stones, get a couple purple or turquoise ones as well, just to draw out the shading.

Stylish Bejeweled Khussas Design 2017.Simply have a walk around the paths of Tariq Road Karachi or the boulevards of Anarkali Lahore. You’ll discover truly reasonable plain khussas, around Rs. 200 for every match! Try not to have a craving for getting new ones? Have a couple of shoes you cherished however now they’re somewhat demolished from anywhere? All things considered, you can cover them up with stones. The best material for sticking on stones would be patent, calfskin or leatherette, and so forth. Try not to go for velvet or softened cowhide, since they would simply suck up the paste.

Stylish Bejeweled Khussas Design 2017.To begin, simply clean the surface of the shoes with a dry fabric since tidy and paste don’t function admirably together. Include a drop of paste and hold a stone over it for a few moments. Abandon it be and don’t touch while you continue with sticking different stones. Give the shoes a chance to go away over night and there you have it. A couple of bejeweled shoes for under Rs. 800!

You can make your own particular examples or inquiry some on the web. Why not get a couple of dark khussas or artful dance pads and cover them up in pink and purple stones? Go for tear-drop molded stones and make butterflies or blossoms out of them. Include little cycle ones all over as fillers. Since would be a sight

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