Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend Dresses

Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend DressesSana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend Dresses

Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend Dresses.on the last-minute day of FPW (Fashion Pakistan Week) Winter/Festive 2017 and this forge week is concluded with dazzling nuptial couture by Sana Safinaz. This Fashion week is finished on this Thursday at the Global Marquees in Karachi. These gorgeous dresses take the breather away.Sana Safinaz’s eventual selection “‘Roses and Rue” was literally dreadful.

Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend Dresses.The market was truly startled to see such gorgeous dresses.With an curious set of assemblages evince by 12 of the 18 composeers, the crowd and the radio receive to see payment unused for the definite day with the last set of composeers handy to feature their polite, would-bepolite and nubile assemblages for this wintertide period. Not only that, this FPW we saw a uninterrupted use of verge, fringes and frills on ensembles; sound we have the thing for the cold time this year.

Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend DressesSana Safinaz FPW 2017 Stylish Dresses

Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend Dresses.Sana not closed the show with her store ‘Platinum Series’ whatever displayed ensembles with onerous embellishments with Swarovski urn and gems that sparkled as the models walked the ramp. The soft colour palette of rose gold, bubbly and mineral hues with beach and gold work, Kamdani work and fine lace on the ensembles was a interpret for inspection. The selection recommended Lehenga Cholis, peplum tops and wearily embroidered dupattas. Despite the fine detailing, one could say that felony and form on the ensembles did not make a robust jolt for the reason that they all sound the ordinary nuptial outfit.

Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend Dresses.The much-awaited portion of FPW 2017 was Sana Safinaz ‘Roses & Rue’ whatever advertised an delicate soliloquy with the refine do that gave a nod to the woodland, with faux trees, hunk and underbrush incorporated onto the ramp framework the mood as the assemblage unveiled the revitalization of efflorescent elements. This selection was maintain as the victory for the former duo.

Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Trend Dresses.The baroque beadwork to the use of Swarovski vial and more gems, 3-D flower-patterned appliqués decked with feathers, this selection seemed to have it all. Not only that, we saw the successful look of outskirts, fringes and frills again interlinked detailing in the showcase with Sana Safinaz FPW 2017 Collection.

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